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Simple way to install single ended or double ended dreads

Simple way to install single ended or double ended dreads

Introduces you to the most basic technique of wool dreadlock installation, based on the simple triple braid.

We show you the simplest wool dreadlocks braiding technique that you can easily learn yourself. If you install them yourself, make sure you have two mirrors and choose a well-lit place. If you feel it's too much trouble, feel free to ask a partner, friend or sibling for help. Spending a few hours together is a great opportunity for a relaxed chat.

We will also show you how to braid double and single wool dreads separately. It's important to read the sectoning summary before you start, it will make the task much quicker and easier if you know where to braid SE or DE and how big squares to divide your scalp into depending on your hair type.


You need some tools to help you during the installation of hair extensions.

 These tools are:

  1. Crocodile hair clips
  2. Rubber bands 
  3. Separating comb
  4. One or two mirrors - if you're fitting your dreadlocks yourself.
  5. Crochet hook or hair loop tool - if you are installing single-ended dreadlocks


Some useful tips:

  • It is very important not to braid too tightly at the scalp to avoid headaches.
  • It is recommended to start at the back of the head and work your way up from the bottom.
  • It is best to work from row to row
  • Make sure the parting line is even and the dreadlock is braided evenly.

 Watch our video tutorials to see how easy it is. Good luck! 


How to install single ended wool dreads?


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How to install double ended wool dreads?


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If you want to be sure and you want a braid that lasts for weeks, see a professional.

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