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5+1 Advices No One Will Give You Before Shopping Wool Dreads

5+1 Advices No One Will Give You Before Shopping Wool Dreads

Imagine that the set of dreadlocks you’ve been long waiting for, finally arrives and is exactly what you wished for. Then all your enthusiasm slowly fades away, as you keep on searching for hours, and yet you’re unable to find a decent video on how to install it. You’re totally exhausted by the many attempts until you eventually manage to get them braided in. It wasn’t easy, but at least you’re pleased with the result. When you look in the mirror you like what you see, so you forget all the suffering you’ve been through these last couple of hours.

As days go by you start to feel, that wearing the set is extremely uncomfortable. Your neck starts to hurt, you shouldn’t have bought such a long extension, and it even feels itchy. Not to mention, that maintenance is much more difficult, than you thought. You’re shattered by the realization, that you’ve spent so much on something that feels like torture.

Wouldn’t you just want your dreadlocks to feel soft and comfortable, and sleeping to be relaxing again? Wouldn’t it be great to show yourself to the world and explode with self-confidence?

We are here to help you get the best-suited set for you. Our collection of the most basic properties will help you make the right decision when you buy yourself a set of wool dreads.


✅ Tip 1: Choose wool dreadlocks that works best for your skin's sensitivity

Wool dreadlocks are lightweight, soft and can be braided in multiple times.

  • Is your scalp sensitive? Choose an extra soft merino wool dread set. It is made of super thin fiber, so it feels comfortable and it’s not itchy at all.
  • Do you want them to look like real dreads? Then the sets made of soft merino wool are just for you! They are more textured and the fine fibers are more visible.

Wool is a valuable and natural material. Its breathable, stain resistant and moisture-wicking properties, among others, make it comfortable and durable hair extensions. However, it is important to wear dreadlocks made of wool with a fibre quality that can come into direct contact with human skin.

For our handmade wool dreadlocks, we use only fine or mostly extra fine merino wool. The wool fibre is extremely thin, which makes the scales on the surface very small, giving them a silky soft feel. They are incredibly comfortable to wear day and night.


✅ Tip 2: Pay attention to the sensitive areas

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of single and double ended wool dreads. 

  • Single ended dreads are for more sensitive areas, like the hairline.
  • Double ended dreads are for the rest, for a thicker effect.


✅ Tip 3: Ensure proper installation

Make sure that the installation is neither too tight nor too loose. An improperly braided set can cause itching and headaches.

We teach a simple installation technique in our tutorial videos. One of these methods is perfect if you have long hair.

Or find a skilled hairstylist or loctitian.


✅ Tip 4: Plan sectioning to determine how many dreads you will need

Plan where you want to install the wool dreadlocks, and how your hair will be sectioned. Always have a couple of dreads in extra, as you will braid each set in several times.

  • 30-40 dreads for a mohawk
  • 50-70 dreads for a full head

If you prefer a natural effect or have a more sensitive scalp, use a mixed set. Braid SE - single ended dreads on the hairline and DE - double ended dreads on the rest of the hair for a thicker effect. It is more comfortable to wear, especially with a full set.

How many dreadlocks do you need for a full head of a mix set?

General estimated:
  • 20 single ended dreads and
  • 40-50 double ended dreads


✅ Tip 5: No need to wash your whole wool dreadlock set

  • Wool has a good resistance against stains and odors, it is antibacterial and antimicrobial, so you don’t have to wash your whole set to often. With the wool dreads installed, just wash your scalp with a shampoo that doesn't contain conditioner; even several times a week. Then, rinse thoroughly with clean water. To help your wool dreads dry, soak the water with a towel and dry it quickly with a hairdryer on a low heat.
  • The big wash is only necessary every 3-5 weeks. It's most convenient to wash your set after you've removed it. After all, wool can absorb a lot of water, which makes it heavy and slow to dry. Clean by squeezing gently, not rubbing.
  • While wearing your wool dreadlock set, let your hair out several times to let the wool air out.
  • Please read our care instructions for detailed guidelines.

💡 Extra tip: Order the length of your dreams!

You will surely find the set you wish for! You can order dread extensions from us in four lengths.

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