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3 reasons why wool dreadlocks may itch?

3 reasons why wool dreadlocks may itch?

The hesitation about wool dreadlocks is that they can make your scalp itchy, be heavy or uncomfortable to wear.
When we hear the word wool, most of us immediately think of the scratchy sweater our grandmother gave us, and the memory of it makes us itch.

 🤔 Reason 1: Wool dreads are made from wool with too thick fibre

Choose wool dreadlocks that suit the sensitivity of your skin!

🐑 Merino sheep produce merino wool which is the finest and softest wool. Nevertheless, the wool fibres are extremely strong and elastic, which, among other qualities, make it the ideal choice for luxury products.

In addition, merino wool has various fine grades. What does this mean? For clothing that comes into direct contact with the skin, extra fine wool is used. There is a little coarser for coats and even coarser for carpets. They are all very good quality wools, but a thicker wool, which is an excellent material for a coat or bag, will not be comfortable to wear as dreadlocks, will itch and you will immediately think you must be allergic to it.

What makes merino wool extra fine?

The wool fibre thickness is 19 microns or less. The lower this number, the thinner the wool fibre, and therefore the softer the dreadlocks will be.

We use this luxury material in 80% of our wool hair extensions. Also, for those who prefer a slightly more natural, curlier look, there are our 22-24 micron fine merino wool sets.

We only work with wool where the fibres are very thin and has tiny scales on their surface, so the dreads are super soft, non-itchy at all, and sensitive skin friendly.

Generally speaking, if your wool dreadlocks made your head itch, one of the reasons was probably that the set was made from wool that had too thick fibres. The thicker the fibre, the larger the scales on the surface of the fibre and this can make it itch.


🤔 Reason 2: Incorrect installation

Wool dreadlock extensions can be very uncomfortable due to incorrect installation

🪮 Make sure your dreadlock extensions are not installed too tightly, as this can lead to discomfort and itching and also headache. They must be braided in a way that minimizes tension on your scalp. You can practice yourself or ask a family member or friend to help you with our tutorial videos.

If you've chosen the proper fineness of wool and still have an itchy head, one of the reasons could be that it's not braided correctly. If you want to be sure, find a skilled hairstylist/loctitian. After all, neither headaches nor hair loss are a natural part of wearing wool dreadlocks.

🤔 Reason 3: Washed your whole set

If your dreadlocks are made of wool, you don't always have to wash the whole set

🫧 As a natural material, wool has many properties that make it the perfect choice for dreadlock extensions.
Unlike synthetic materials, your set is not treated with anything, so you don't have to clean it before installing, you can wear it straight away.

How can you avoid unpleasant odors without washing?

Wool is breathable and highly odor and stain resistant. Thanks to its moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties, wool reduces the amount of sweat that can be broken down by bacteria, which in turn helps minimise body odor.
So you can wear your set for weeks without washing your whole set, just your scalp.


💡 Further tips

Sometimes wear your hair untied to let your set and scalp air out.
Reduce the use of hair care products and hair dryers.
The use of tea tree oil improves and refreshes the scalp, it also has antibacterial and antimicrobial effects.

Frequent hair washing is also one of the most common causes of itching.
The soap/shampoo and warm water will change the pH of the wool, causing the tiny scales on the surface to open up, which will make your head itch.

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