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Single Ended Vs Double Ended Dreads: Which One Should You Install?

Single Ended Vs Double Ended Dreads: Which One Should You Install?

You’ve probably already heard about single ended and double ended dreads. Are you unsure about which one is the best for you?

Let’s take the more common one first, the double ended wool dreads! This is actually a long dread, which is installed folded in half. As the name also suggests, this way it has two ends.

double ended wool dreads

Why is double ended dreads so popular?

  • It provides a thicker effect, as it doubles the volume.

  • Dreads made of wool are much lighter than synthetic ones.

  • It’s very easy to install, you just braid it into your hair.

  • The braiding is less visible since it is covered by one of the two dreads.

  • You can achieve an explicitly thicker effect with it even if your hair is thin and you have to braid in the dread extensions using larger sections.

@boholucydreads What are double ended wool dreads? #dreadstutorials #installdreads #dreadlockshairstyle #bohodreads ♬ Winning - ROKKA

    Single ended wool dreads end in a loop on one end, which is used for braiding it into your hair. It is a perfect supplement to go with the double ended.

     single ended wool dreads

    What is single ended dreads good for?

    • It is more comfortable to be used on more sensitive areas, like the hairline.
    • Accordingly, it’s the best choice if you only wish to braid in a few accents to the back of your head
    • It is even lighter than double ended ones.
    • Your braided hair is more visible. However, you can also get creative with braiding to achieve an ombre effect.
    • You can also attach it to your own dreadlocks as decoration.
    • You will need a crochet hook or hair loop tool to braid it in. But apart from that, it’s just as easy to install as double ended dreads.


    @boholucydreads What are single ended dreads? #dreadturial #installdreads #dreadlockshairstyle #sedreadlocks ♬ stellar - .diedlonely & énouement


    Take advantage of both types and get a mixed set to install! Use single ended on the sensitive areas of your scalp, and the hairline, and add extra volume to your hairstyle with the double ended.


    We'll teach you the simplest wool dreadlock installation technique that you can easily learn yourself or get a friend or family member to help.

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