How and how often should you wash it?

Wool has a good resistance against stains and odors, it is antibacterial and antimicrobial, so you don’t have to clean it too often.


Wash only your scalp if you’re wearing wool dreads.

  • Tie your hair into one, or two buns.
  • Use a shampoo, which contains tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has a hydrating and soothing effect, it reduces itchiness. If you don’t want to change your favorite shampoo, then just add a few drops of tea tree oil to it. It's refreshing, you will love the cooling effect!
  • Rub the shampoo thoroughly into your scalp. It will be easy with your hair tied into buns and your ends won’t get wet either.
  • Leave the shampoo on for a couple of minutes for the tea tree oil to be effective.
  • Then rinse completely with water.
  • If necessary, rinse with cider vinegar. Vinegar removes the remaining shampoo and softens the wool. But you can also skip this step.
  • Don’t use a hair conditioner, or a shampoo, which contains conditioner!
  • You can dry your roots within a few minutes using a hair dryer at a low temperature.


When can I clean the whole set of dreads?

  • If you wear the set continuously for several weeks, washing it every 3-4 weeks is recommended.
  • Don’t rub them, just squeeze them carefully!
  • Don’t use too hot water, only lukewarm!
  • Using too hot water and too rough rubbing can cause the dreads to shrink, which will make them shorter.
  • Wrap your hair into a towel to remove the remaining water.
  • You can also use a hair dryer at a low temperature.
  • The only disadvantage of wool dreads is that they are heavy, when wet.


How often did you wash your hair before installing the wool dreads?

If you used to wash your hair several times a week, you don’t need to change this habit. Wash as often as necessary, or whenever you feel itchiness. But remember. It’s enough to wash only your scalp!


Can I go for a swim?

You can dive into both natural waters and swimming pools with chlorine, but it’s important, that you rinse your dreads thoroughly with fresh water afterward, to remove all harmful substances.


How long can I wear them?

  • It’s best to remove the dreads a couple of weeks after they were installed, in case there’s a bit of hair growth or the braiding loosened up at the roots. If you leave them in, your hair will start matting and it will be very difficult to get it untangled after removing the dreadlocks.
  • Most of our customers wear their extensions for three weeks to two months long. It also depends on the quality of installation and the speed of hair growth.


What can I do if the dreadlocks get fuzzy?

Obviously, wool dreadlocks also need some maintenance, which in addition to cleaning, means the handling of fuzziness.

Wool dreadlocks become fuzzy due to normal use and rubbing, while you sleep. The pills can be easily removed by hand. Do it routinely once or twice a week in front of a mirror, it only takes a few minutes. Wet your hands and then pull them along each dread slightly more vigorously. You can easily remove smaller pills with this method, but make sure your hands are wet so that the wool pills will stick better. If there are one or two stubborn balls, feel free to simply tear them off.

Remember! If you maintain your wool dreads with these techniques, you can avoid the formation of larger fuzzy balls, and your set will always look neat and perfect.