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Best Ever

I highly recommend these. So soft, non itchy. I love them.

Blue butterfly

Love love love! Superior quality fine wool, beautiful blue color and braids and charms are expertly applied. Light weight and incredibly comfortable.

Love my new rainbow hair

These extensions are just the softest things ever! I've been looking forward to wearing these for a while and I couldn't be more happy with the results. The extensions are soft and vibrant and absolutely beautiful! I'm already trying to decide which colors to get next.

For the perfekt mix

I love this colofull Set, they are the perfekt Highlights. They are super Soft!

Dreads are amazeballs!

Came so quickly, amazing quality.


Well made! Single ended dreads were great. Extremely soft and comfortable, lightweight.

New Favorites!

Extremely soft, very natural looking, so lightweight! I have worn synthetic dreads the last 4+ years, and these wool ones have changed my life. Just be aware, they are more soft/light gray than blonde, but if you buy some blonde accent pieces you can totally blend it to make it look more blonde than gray. This is my new go-to for dreads.


Beautifully made, extremely soft, intricate braids add texture and dimension.

Meadow wool dreads
Denise Cruse
Pop of color

This was a awesome pop of color for my viking set. I love it..


My second time ordering wool extensions from you and I couldn’t be happier!You have yousselves a lifetime customer!


I have been on the fence with wool dreads but once I saw a friend get some it pushed me over the edge. I loved the coloring boho Lucy uses which was a large reason why I chose this brand. (That and I cross searched reviews on Etsy and everyone seems to be happy with this company!) I decided to try half my head in dreads first before I committed to the whole head, but the second I left from having them installed, I ordered the rest. 😂 I love the size, the color, the feel. What a BEAUTIFUL PRODUCT. They have been really comfortable sleeping in so far and aren’t insanely heavy on my head. Also, I was so shocked when I realized they ship from Hungary! I was expecting the shipping to take weeks but they got to me (in the western United States) so quickly! 10/10 for all of it. I’m insanely happy with this purchase.


I cannot express how amazing these are! The extensions are lightweight, soft, and absolutely worth every penny. I got 20 SE and 40 DE and I have 6 left that didn't get installed. These are way more comfortable to sleep with compared to my other kanekalon set. I get compliments everywhere I go. The color is so vibrant in these. They are well made. Shipping was very quick too, which I was surprised. I am based in the US, so I thought it would be at least a month before I would receive them. They came in a little less than two weeks! I feel so beautiful and confident in these. I am now saving up to get a set of the Viking blonde locs.

Love Love Love my dreads

Beautiful set of dreadlocks! very well made, great mix of colors, and the ends are nice and wispy! Communication with the shop was great and shipping was really fast. I have recommended the shop to several people now and been looking at another color set. My dread artist said these were a great quality set and perfect thickness. I love them very much! So glad I found boholucy!

Obsidian ombré hand -dyed wool dreads double ended

Omg!!! I’m loving these dreads! They are so so beautifully made, light and very soft! You do a wonderful job. I can’t stop playing with them. Definitely will be purchasing another set here! They also came very fast, I’m beyond happy! 🖤🩶🤍

Mermaid single ended 12-15in love them lightweight super comfy

Witch wool dreadlocks
Joanna Wolery

Love them!!

I can't get over the quality! The quality of the locks, customer service, they arrived so fast and packaged in such a secure manor they wouldn't get ruined with lavender. My name was had written on a coupon card within the packaging as well as a gift of rubber bands with lavender. As far as the quality of the locks, hands down, I am in love! The weight of them, the softness, flexibility, this feels just like my hair!

They are BEAUTIFUL 😍 I am in love with the texture and weight of these locks! They don't make me itchy or leave my skin feeling any kind of irritated! They are hands down best quality I've found! From the moment ordered to the installation and beyond. I am thoroughly impressed with how I was given amazing quality service!

I bought two sets of dreads, the winter flower extensions and the latte wool extensions both double ended. The picture I'm wearing both. I absolutely love the dreads. They are so soft and doesn't weigh down my head. I get compliments pretty much every time I go somewhere. I feel so beautiful with these extensions in! I highly recommend boholucy!

Dark viking wool dreads
Alejandra Taylor

Absolutely love them!! They are so soft and lightweight and have given me so much confidence.

Dark viking wool dreads
Tobe’ Trumbull

AMAZING!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I Love everything about these wool dreads! Thank you so much for being Amazing!

This is my 3rd set from Boho Lucy!! I will be purchasing more in the future and not from anyone but this AMAZING dread shop!!

Absolutely stunning! I loved the fact that i got my order fast and got free bands and lavender with my order. We put them in as soon as they came in with the viking white on the bottom and the storm on the top it took 6hrs to install due to the thickness of my hair but it was worth it!😊 I'm so excited to order more and to change colors.

They arrived quickly, the dreads are absolutely beautiful, super soft and lightweight. I love wearing them! I will definitely be buying more colors soon!!!

Set of 30 double ended wool dreads 'Earth' 15 inches long
Andrea Trujillo

Absolutely love my first set! They’re so soft and the color blend is perfect for me (and this time of year). I’ve gotten so many compliments already. Lesson learned though, I need longer ones. That’s my fault, does not speak to the amazing quality.