🌸 Welcome the arrival of spring with our pastel wool dreadlocks collection!🌷

Immerse yourself in a dreamy spectrum of pastel colors, from calm lavender and soft mint to subtle blush and sky blue.
These dreadlock extensions will add freshness and joy to your style.

🐑 Luxurious wool properties

The properties of wool not only make these dreadlock extensions light and comfortable but also give them a natural and organic feel. Thanks to the high quality, extra fine merino wool, our extensions are soft to the touch, non-itchy and pleasantly flexible.

🌟 Stand Out Like a Black Sheep

Each dreadlock set is a canvas for self-expression, allowing you to show your individuality in a world of pastel dreams. Mix and match colors, length and dreadlock type. Create braids, buns or let your locks flow freely - the possibilities are as endless as the beauty of spring itself.