Lavender wool dreadlocks with braids

Number of dreads: 10 pcs/set
Type: single ended dreads (SE)
Length (DE-folded, SE-total): 17.5-20 inches (45-50 cm)
Subtotal: $49.00

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All wool dreadlocks are made to order, handmade to the specifications of your choice. So we need a few days to make your set and let it dry properly before we send it to you.

Do you also feel more self-confident if your style and personality are reflected in your looks?

Wool dreadlocks are a unique and fashionable way of self-expression! Dreadlock extensions made of natural materials are soft, durable and easy to maintain.

No need to compromise! Choose any length, type or quantity, that suits you!

Do you also wish for a comfortable and soft set of wool dreadlocks?

Our wool dreadlocks made of extra fine merino wool are not itchy, due to the super thin wool fibers of 18-19 microns.

As the dreads are only as thick as a pencil, or maybe even thinner, the set is much lighter, which means less strain on your neck and scalp.

How many dreads will I need?

An average estimate is:

  • 30-40 dreads for a mohawk
  • 50-70 dreads for a full head

What to consider:

  • How thick is your real hair?
  • Which type do you choose? ➜ In the case of using only single ends, you will need more dreads altogether due to the smaller sectioning.
  • How many sections do you divide your hair into?
  • Remember! If you’re a beginner, or you had thicker dreads until now, then add 5-10 extra dreads!

How and how often do i need to clean them?

The idea that you can only rarely wash your hair if you are wearing wool dreads is wrong!
While wearing wool dreadlock extensions, you allow your real hair and scalp to rest:

  • you don’t use a hair iron,
  • you wash and dry your hair less often,
  • you don’t expose your hair to hair spray and other chemicals.

But don’t forget this! If your scalp is used to washing several times a week, then it is not a solution to start washing it only once a week all at once. Why? Just because it will make you go crazy, as your head will be itchy all the time. This will make you think that the wool dreads are to blame. In reality, sebum secretion does not adjust to your habits from one week to the other.

So here’s the essence!

  • Avoid scratching! Continue washing your hair as often as you feel necessary! In the beginning. Then gradually add an extra day before the next wash.
  • Refresh your scalp! Mix a few drops of tea tree oil into your shampoo, or use a type that contains tea tree oil.
  • Don’t use hair conditioner or shampoos containing conditioner, because it will ruin the wool!
  • Dry your hair with a hair dryer at a low temperature.

You also don’t want to waste hours on drying, do you?

The only disadvantage of wool dreads is that they are heavy, when wet. On the other hand, wool has a good resistance against stains and odors, it is antibacterial and antimicrobial, so you don’t have to clean it too often. With the wool dreads installed, wash only your scalp; even several times a week. Using a hair dryer, you can dry them in a flash. The big wash is only necessary every 3-4 weeks.


What type should you choose?
  • Single ended (SE) dreads are perfect for hairline and sensitive areas for a more comfortable feel.
  • Install double ended (DE) dreads for the rest of your scalp to add volume.
  • Choosea mix setof SE and DE for a full install or a bold mohawk.
  • What do the indicated sizes mean?
  • Single ended (SE) dreads size: from top of loop to tip of dread, meaning total length
  • Double ended (DE) dreads size: These dreads are installed folded in half, so we indicate this folded length. If you need the total length, from tip to tip, just multiply the length by two.
  • Wool dreads are light, incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. You can have any color hair you imagine without having to dye it. You can try new lengths and styles. And if you have a pair of skillful hands, you can even install them for yourself - but you can also ask for some help from a friend or a professional.

    0.2-0.27 inches (5-7 mm) The boholucydreads are pencil thin or slightly thinner to be comfy. Handmade wool dreadlocks guarantee an authentic look as they vary slightly in thickness and length.
    The mill dyed wool and yarn is toxic free, and complies with the OEKO-TEX 100 and GOTS requirements. We use high quality mulesing free extra fine merino wool for dreads. The dreadlocks are decorated with cotton yarn. We make the dreads with wet felting technique.
    The color sequence of the set you bought might be slightly different from the one in the photos. We use pre-colored, mill combed wool tops, and the exact color we get depends on where we split the roving.
    An average estimate is:
  • 30-40 dreads for a mohawk
  • 50-70 dreads for a full head

    Order processing time

    Our goal is to create your dream hair. The sets are available as a single ended or double ended set and in four lengths. We make every set, especially for your wish to order, that's why the processing time is 7 business days.

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