Peach blossom one-of-a-kind wool accent dreads

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The peach blossom themed, boho style wool dreadlocks in shades of green, pink and shell is a whimsical and vibrant addition to any hairstyle. The combination of these subtle shades, reminiscent of blossoming peach trees, adds a magical touch to a bohemian aesthetic.

Known for its unique properties, this accent wool dread set offers both comfort and style. The natural fibers of wool provide a soft and comfortable feel to the scalp, making it comfy to wear for extended periods of time. The breathable nature of wool allows air to circulate, preventing moisture build-up and maintaining a fresh feel. In addition, wool has insulating properties to keep the head warm in cooler seasons. Its lightweight nature ensures that the dreadlock does not weigh down the hair, allowing for effortless movement and a carefree boho look.



Ready to ship set of 20 double ended dreads and braids with beads

Length: 17-20 inches / 45-50 cm - folded legth

Thickness: 0.2-0.27 inches (5-7 mm) The boholucydreads are pencil thin or slightly thinner to be comfy.

The set includes some locks of sari silk felted into the wool and many decorated dreads with special effective yarn.


Handmade wool dreadlocks guarantee an authentic look as they vary slightly in thickness and length. We use high quality mulesing free fine and extra fine merino wool for dreads. The dreadlocks are decorated with cotton yarn. We make the dreads with wet felting technique and dye by hand.



Wool dreads are light, incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. You can have any color hair you imagine without having to dye it. You can try new lengths and styles. And if you have a pair of skillful hands, you can even install them for yourself - but you can also ask for some help from a friend or a professional.

0.2-0.27 inches (5-7 mm) The boholucydreads are pencil thin or slightly thinner to be comfy. Handmade wool dreadlocks guarantee an authentic look as they vary slightly in thickness and length.
What do the indicated sizes mean?
  • Single ended (SE) dreads size: from top of loop to tip of dread, meaning total length
  • Double ended (DE) dreads size: These dreads are installed folded in half, so we indicate this folded length. If you need the total length, from tip to tip, just multiply the length by two.
  • Material:
    The mill dyed wool and yarn is toxic free, and complies with the OEKO-TEX 100 and GOTS requirements. We use high quality mulesing free merino wool for dreads. The dreadlocks are decorated with cotton yarn. We make the dreads with wet felting technique.
    The color sequence of the set you bought might be slightly different from the one in the photos. We use pre-colored, mill combed wool tops, and the exact color we get depends on where we split the roving.


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    Peach blossom one-of-a-kind wool accent dreads

    Peach blossom one-of-a-kind wool accent dreads

    $146.00 $131.00

    Peach blossom one-of-a-kind wool accent dreads

    $146.00 $131.00
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